The Gwerder family of Hy-Grass Farms in Auburn, Washington are all about family; to them, environmental responsibility just makes sense. Through their dairy cows, hay fields, and all-natural mulch/fertilizer product ( cow ), the Gwerder farmers make a living off the land. By following the wisdom of previous generations, they are also taking care of the Gwerder farmers of tomorrow.

The Yodeling Swiss Farm Family

They work the farm, milk cows, bale hay, and . . .well . . . they yodel. Although the Gwerder boys are long-time Enumclaw/Auburn residents, their ancestors—and their cows—hail all the way from Switzerland. Dick Gwerder and his sons run Hy-Grass Farms, where they produce their family recipe of cow, an all-natural soil amendment, mulch, and fertilizer. The Hy-Grass herd is a mixture of Holstein and Brown Swiss, but the Gwerders admit to having a soft spot for the Browns. “They’re Swiss, after all.” Farmer Dick, the true yodeler of the family, has spent a lifetime bringing in the cattle with his signature Swiss yodel. Much like his European forefathers, Dick Gwerder has perfected his call, and can bring in the herd with a flick of his vocal chords. Yodeling isn’t the only thing that’s vintage on Hy-Grass Farms. Their signature cow has been passed down through their family for generations. The end result is a safe-to-handle, odorless, nutrient-rich mulch you can use on flower beds as well as vegetable gardens. Used properly, cow keeps down weeds, protects plants during the winter, and replenishes essential nutrients lost throughout the season. What’s the secret to cow? Farmer Dick knows it’s the yodeling. “Happy Cows. Happy cows are the secret to a happy farm.”

yo·del (yo·deled, yo·del·ing, yo·dels):
v. To sing so that the voice fluctuates rapidly between the normal chest voice and a falsetto.